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Welcome to the easiest web

publisher ever invented 



You've got something you need to publish or share on the web, you want to do it fast, not be bored, and it's got to be super-easy.


And, crucially, you want to be able to lay it out how you want.


You want what you make to be truly, uniquely yours; just like when you use use MS Word.


But how do you do that?


 Before Webweka


If the prospect of creating a web page makes your eyes glaze over, and your mind goes back to that teacher giving you a really boring mind-numbing piece of homework, then yep; we hear you.


Technical, slow, tedious, imposed templates, 5 pages of content - flicking back and forth...spam, or your eyes just glaze over with outright boredom at the prospect.


It's all too hard....zzzzz


Well, it was! Those days are now over.


WebWeka solves the problem.


What makes WebWeka revolutionary? 




  • Super-Easy. Absolutely no IT skills required whatsoever.


  • Totally freeform - the layout is 100% your creation



Just drop your stuff (text, images, YouTube, Embed, HTML; whatever) on to your own canvas, and move it around as you like.


Other Features:


  • You can overlap your content


  • Each page is unlimited length, so there is no messing around with multiple pages. and you can get your stuff on one page, because it grows longer and longer as you add content.


  • And..you can have multiple sites under your account.


  • Fast - be live in minutes


  • Your site can be Private or Public.


  • Co-Author with others -if you want


  • Multiple sites managed through your dashboard




Because WebWeka is so easy to use, and you decide what goes where on your pages/sites, you can use WebWeka for anything:


  • Get that business on the web


  • You can also make your site Private (for sharing personal pages; ie idea brainstorming, family photos or memories).


  • Each of your sites gets a unique web address (ie mysite.webweka.com)


  • Or, if you'd like a more formal website for your business you can repoint a top-level domain to your WebWeka site (ie mysite.com)


  • And, you can get your Google Analytics data too.


  • Scrapbook of ideas, media that you love


  • Tribute site


  • Long-form rich-content writing


  • Hobby site - unlock your passion


  • Community noticeboard


  • A rich-content CV cover; include on your LinkedIn profile with a video from you - get an edge on that job


  • A website that doesn't cost the earth


  • Freshen up your existing static site and brand with a linked WebWeka page


  • Landing Page testing


Anything you need your WebWeka to look like really...


Our Passion and Vision


Our passion at WebWeka is to revolutionise web publishing, by delivering:


- The simplest web page builder ever


- The means for you to make pages totally how you want, and for you to have fun doing that.


Our vision is for you to regard WebWeka as a trusted and pleasant place for you to do your publishing in a new way.


We loathe spam, so you won't find any of that from us


We won't on-sell your data



Please feel free to contact us anytime. We will help.

Collaborate or Co-Author with someone on a page - if you want to