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Will my site be found on Google, DuckDuckGo, and Bing?

Yes it will.

However, there are many millions of websites out there. It's important for your site to be found easily by a query on a search engine such as Google, and be as high up the ranking as possible.


So it is good practice to optimise your site and keywords (see your Settings tab) so that your page gets found. This is known as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).


There are 2 types of Search:


1. Natural Search. Based on relevance. This is what you you can control.

2. Paid Search. A company pays extra to be guaranteed to finish high up in search results.


We are concentrating here on Natural Search, because you can largely control that.


The search engine companies have highly complex and, of commercial necessity, secret algorithms.

Your Webweka page is constructed with optimum SEO in mind.

SEO is a specific technical skill in itself, and there are people who offer this as a specific service, but there is an awful lot that you can do yourself, for free.


There is one over-riding criterion for finishing high up in the Natural Search ranking; SEO is all about 'relevance'.

That is, how relevant your site keywords, content, and links from other sites are to the keywords entered into the search engine.


Without being too technical, these are three main things that you can do to optimise your ranking, and make your business more visible:


1. Ensure your keywords are as specific as possible, and are relevant to the topic. What is your site about?

2. Make sure the keyword(s) is/are included in the content, header and site name. This shows Google that your content is relevant to the search words.

3. Have links coming in from other relevant sites. Google will see how many links are pointing to your website from other websites, and (even better, with relevant keywords) will use the results to rank relevance.

So it does help to spread the word, and get your site linked to others.


Note: If you change any of the meta data in your site, such as keywords or the site name, those changes can break the relevance links that Google has previously determined.


It sometimes takes time for Google to realise that something has moved, so please be aware that it can take a while for the new relevance to be updated.



I changed my Domain Name. How do I ensure Google finds it?

Here is a link to prompt Google to add your site to search results.

My domain name has changed. Update my new URL in Google

Please note that it can sometimes take a week or so for Google to be updated. But it will happen :-)



How do I Sign Up?

Thank you! Please click on the below link to create your WebWeka account.


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How do I get Started Building my Page?

Creating your first web page can be a daunting and confusing task.

Where do I get started?

What should I do?

WebWeka makes creating a web page a fun, satisfying, and fast experience. You are in control.

There are no layout rules with WebWeka. However, a good tip is to think about what you want your web page to do?

-Sketch an outline out on a piece of paper.

-Upload your own design posters, images as Jpegs, embed YouTube videos, copy and paste text from Word.

-Then move and re-size everything until it's as you sketched out.

-Hit Save to save your work as a Draft (not 'live' yet).

-Hit Preview to see how your work would look without the edit boxes.

-Have a cup of tea.

-Come back later.

-Revise your content until you are happy.

-Save again.

-Hit Publish to go Live.

There is a short overview video after this paragraph, and there is further step by step Help here.


How do I get Help?

There are screenshots and videos here. There are also videos on YouTube.


But we are always keen to help.


Please click here to send us an email


We'll be back to you asap. Promise.


Can I Embed other stuff in my page? How about an MP3 player, or a Booklet? 

Yes. You should be able to embed anything that is compatible with our code.

The process is exactly the same as for embedding a YouTube video.


1. Open a Video Box, and...

2. Copy and paste in the Embed code.


Please note that WebWeka has built-in code to prevent malicious content being embedded. 



Can I create a Menu in my page?

If you're familiar with HTML, this might be pretty straightforward for you.

And even if you're not, you could have a go! As this customer (a first-time publisher!) has. Thanks Tony, for the notes. :-)

See Hyperlink.webweka.com for an example, and the process to follow.


We'll build a button for this later.


How do I add my own HTML?

Here is a useful example; adding PayPal to your WebWeka page:
PayPal instructions as follows:
1: Get an ordinary PayPal account
2: Go to My Account > Merchant Services > Website Payments Standard
3: Choose 'Sell single items' (or whatever suits!)
4: Click 'create your button now'
5: Follow the instructions (add product details etc) and you'll be rewarded with some HTML code to copy and paste

If we can help you with anything that you are not sure about, please feel free to Contact Us