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Privacy and Trust

What about my Privacy? Are you going to sell my data?

This is a serious issue, so I’ll be clear on this.


This is my personal statement to you:

“Your data is completely private, and WebWeka will absolutely not pass on your personal data. Guaranteed."



Please be completely assured on this.

Your data is securely stored with an industry leader in this field (for obvious reasons, we can’t name them). It is safely guarded under the tightest industry best practice. We don’t share your data with anyone else.


Webweka staff cannot see your password data.

You will not be asked for any payment details until you choose to sign-up at the end of your free trial.



Storage and Reliability

We have carefully selected our server provider, who is a leading player in that field. For obvious reasons, we cannot disclose the name provider.

No systems can ever be absolutely guaranteed 100%, because there are events which can occur that are beyond our control, but our server should always be up and running 24/7.

There are robust disaster recovery alerts and processes in place should a problem ever occur, and we have access to fantastic world-leading processes.

Our hardware uses fast machines, RAID-10 drives, Tier-1 bandwidth and root access. It is managed with a customized Xen VPS backend to ensure that your data is protected and guaranteed.

There are back-ups running 24/7. RAID10 storage means we have excellent protection from disk failure. There are 4-core servers running Xen virtualization instances.














 Philip Allen


Founder and CEO


WebWeka Ltd